marvel hero power leveling does Apple know

Japanese gadget turns iPhone into smell-o-phone
Why does my iPhone smell like Mick Jagger?(Credit:Chaku Perfume)We already see, touch, and hear our smartphones. Isn’t it time we got a whiff of them, too? Japanese company Chaku Perfume has developed an iPhone app and accessory system that delivers smells.The gadget part attaches to the dock of theiPhone and contains an atomizer and smell tank. A person on the other end could deliver a particular smell through the other person’s device. I’m guessing bacon would be popular.The Chat Perf is expected to cost just over $60. Let’s imagine some uses for this. A bakery could send the smell of cinnamon rolls to entice customers in. Justin Bieber could send the smell of his Someday perfume to his devoted fans. Related storiesOlly can make tweets smell sweetSamsung patents perfumed phone (does Apple know?)According to RocketNews24, a Chaku Perfume representative suggested sending a music idol’s sweat smell to the audience during a concert via Chat Perf. Delightful.The smell-o-phone idea has been around for awhile. If Chat Perf wants to break in the U.S. market, it may need to contend with a recent Samsung patent for a phone that wafts fragrance into the air through an “aromatic sponge.” This leads us to perhaps the most important question to arise from marvel hero power leveling this. Who really wants her phone to smell at all?(Via RocketNews24)
Japanese gadget turns iPhone into smell-o-phone


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